Bringing trust, honesty ,transparency, relaibity and credibity in the system by building trustless trusted systems.


Next Level Efficiency

Blockchain and supplychain managment can bring a whole new level of transparency and efficiency to products move across a supply chain , regardless of where the path may lead and how many different stages are involved. Blockchain has what it takes to be.

Blockchain, once you have it , you love it

Blockchain is revolunizing the way we do business much like how internet disrupted the media and communication .Blockchain has the potential to disrupt banking, educational institutuions, supplychain .

Empowering Decentralization

Blockchain empowers people by  decentralizng data and trust. Unzip the blockchain and let your fingers do the walking through the blockchain.


BlockShift Technologies is blockchain development and consulting firm focused on building next generation application using blockchain and smart contract technology.We aim to  solve real world problems using blockchain technology..

Blockchain Implementation & Consultancy

Blockshift Technologies is the hub for all blockchain solutions. Aims to provide consultancy and services to startups, enterprise regarding blockchain preferred usecases.

Hyperledger Development

Expertise in hyperledger , an open-source collaborative effort created to facilate cross industry supply chain managments and other process.

Ethereum Development

Expertise in Ethereum DAPP . Ethereum is a decentralized platform which runs exactly as programmed without possiblity of manual intervention or downtime . Our expertise includes from asset tracking & managment to cryptocurrency tokens

Smart Contract Development

Excel in all types of smart contract development.Smart contracts are the heart of any blockchain architecture. It allows developer to encode business logic in programming language and thus produce determinsitic result preventing any unexpected output.


some fascinating products that we are doing

EdCerts - Educational Records over Blockchain

Edcert is a  blockchain solution to overcome  problems in sensitive  educational document handling by securing documents in decentralized environemnt  and in completely automated way to minimize manual intervention and thus bringing honesty, trust and immutabitly in a system

Ghar Leylo - Property Exchange over Blockchain

Ghar Leylo is a Pakistan’s first property exchange platform on blockchain that enables buyers and sellers to transact in a secure platform


Plink,Plink Blockchain …….

Khurram Adhami

Khurram Adhami

Co-founder & CEO

Khurram is the Co-founder & CEO of BlockShift Technologies. He is a firm believer in a decentralized world and founded EdCerts as an active contribution to the decentralization movement of trust and creating tamper-proof educational records. Khurram has been working in the blockchain space since 2017 and have flavors of different blockchain frameworks including Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Ethereum and Corda.

Mohammad Obaid

Mohammad Obaid

Co-founder & CTO

 Blockchain enthusiast , software developer and security researcher.Accomplished Blockchain developer with working experience on hyperledger and ethereum. Also accomplished secuirty researcher who found bugs on Coinbase,Moneo, Google, Alibaba , Quora and many others.

S.M. Junaid Khurshid

S.M. Junaid Khurshid

Senior Developer

Blockchain Enthusiast and Software Developer , main focus is to bring innovative ideas , solve problem and to develop such applications which can help society.  Blockchain Developer with working experience on Hyperleger Fabric . Also having experience of working in Angular.js and Ionic more than a year.Bachelor of Engineering Software Engineering.
Syed Atif Ali

Syed Atif Ali

Business Development Officer

Excel in business growth and development of social media marketing startegies for BlockShift Technologies.



Office 301, CitiView Building,
Plot 157 BYJCHS
Shaheed e Millat Road
Karachi, Pakistan


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