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Blockchain Development

Blockchain technology has emerged as one of the most promising services in the recent years. It holds tremendous potential to transform the workings of the financial sector. Living in a highly digitalized world, a range of large and medium-sized enterprises are exploring blockchain technology services in order to make a place in this competitive market.

We, at BlockShift Technologies, are you go-to resource for anything related to blockchain development or consultancy. We like to guide our users from the simplest touchpoint to the most complex aspect of the blockchain application.

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Web Development

Whether you are a startup or a well established brand, BlockShift Technologies place thought in to every stage of a website from research and planning, to design & development right through to user and browser testing. Making sure your website is on brand and achieves your goals.

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Mobile App Development

Our stack includes Swift for iOS, Java for Android, and React Native for both of them. We select the best possible approach to develop your mobile application based upon your unique business goals. React Native is particularly useful for building a quick MVP to validate your idea on both platforms.

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We like to build things too.


An open blockchain based solution to eliminate fake academic credentials which are becoming a norm day by day. EdCerts provide highly secure, easy-to-verify immutable academic records using open blockchain to prevent academic fraud, record forgery and, fake records. With EdCerts, we are opening up endless possibilities for learners to have complete ownership of their academic records and to build upon their life-long learning achievements with full trust and integrity.


Gravy fills the gap between customer acquisition and customer retention by incentivizing the customers. Gravy is a user-centric points rewarding system that rewards Gravy Points (GPT) which are interoperable between Gravy Vendors (GV) hence providing the end-user complete freedom to use their points wherever they want. With Gravy, the vendors will benefit from the pay-as-you-go model through which the customer aquisition
cost will be reduced.

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