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A bunch of software engineers filled with passion and love for blockchains. We embarked on our journey to explore blockchain in early 2017 and ever since we are focused on building innovative solutions and to help fellow innovators in building their innovative solutions using blockchain technology. BlockShift Technologies was built with a vision to develop solutions that will solve critical problems and as we move along in our journey, we believe in helping others develop solutions that will make a decentralized tomorrow!


We believe in using blockchain technology for the benefit of people. We also believe in inspiring and helping others develop transformative solutions. That’s what inspires us.


This is what led us to build BlockShift Technologies. A company dedicated towards building innovative and transformative solutions to compliment people’s everyday needs.


For achieving so, we happen to develop solutions on different blockchain frameworks ranging from open blockchains to consortium blockchains. We also develop web and mobile applications using emerging technologies.

Our Tech Stack Includes



An open blockchain based solution to eliminate fake academic credentials which are becoming a norm day by day. EdCerts provide highly secure, easy-to-verify immutable academic records using open blockchain to prevent academic fraud, record forgery and, fake records. With EdCerts, we are opening up endless possibilities for learners to have complete ownership of their academic records and to build upon their life-long learning achievements with full trust and integrity.


Gravy fills the gap between customer acquisition and customer retention by incentivizing the customers. Gravy is a user-centric points rewarding system that rewards Gravy Points (GPT) which are interoperable between Gravy Vendors (GV) hence providing the end-user complete freedom to use their points wherever they want. With Gravy, the vendors will benefit from the pay-as-you-go model through which the customer aquisition
cost will be reduced.


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